TREK 2018: Southern California Play

Playscapes draw deeply from the natural environment and encourage interaction with one’s ecosystem. Structured play is minimal and traditional play structures might be absent completely. Often coupled with learning objectives, playscapes intend to bring children and nature back into a harmonious and fruitful relationship. Play is often through role-playing and discovery. They are often designed to mimic natural processes and ecosystems. Drawing on the curious tendencies of children, playscapes offer a wide range of open-ended play options that allow them to create their own play

EPTDESIGN has been designing places of play since its genesis in 1962. We have created all types of parks and playgrounds in an effort to exceed client expectations and bring the community together. Pushing the boundaries and reinventing constantly, we constantly hunger for inspiration, research, and knowledge.

My TREK will acquire much needed research and information that will be invaluable to the firm and help to provide momentum in our pursuance of excellent design. Having access to field-data will also provide firepower in persuading clients the appropriate direction for future park design.