TREK 2019: London – Public vs. Privately Owned Spaces

Goal: Learn about the program organization in public spaces that are owned either privately or publicly. Often in our design process, programming guides the creation of form and its typology serves as a resident of spatial design.

Documenting each public space in a consistent manner, I will be able to classify pros and cons for each public space and make distinctions between those that are privately or publicly owned. I will gain a depth of understanding of the function of each. The public space has served various functions over time, from ceremonial and traditional use to entertainment use. In London, privatization of public space, leading to so called ‘Quasi-public Space’ has increased, yet there are many historical public squares that still serve their traditional function. Studying the program organization of public spaces in London and the relationship between publicly and privately owned space will be applicable to improving spaces in the Los Angeles area, which are mostly privately owned.