El Paseo de Saratoga

San Jose, CA

Emerging out of an existing big box retail center in San Jose, El Paseo will transform a large expanse of existing asphalt parking into a walkable, urban village with three new contemporary mixed-use buildings. EPTDESIGN has led the landscape architectural design for Building 1 and 2 amenity spaces. Drawing from the natural allure of Saratoga Creek, the rugged beauty of sandstone rock formations, and the area’s rich agricultural heritage, each building exudes its own distinct character and ambiance. Building 1’s rooftop will live as an elevated, linear boutique hotel-like space oriented to amplify the stunning views to the west of the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Taking inspiration from natural sandstone formations, Building 2’s amenity deck unfolds as an open, curvilinear masterpiece immersing residents in natural textures and planting that create an oasis of modern, warm spaces. Encircled by verdant plantings, this enchanting space boasts a tranquil pool, alfresco dining options, meditation gardens, and a serene wood yoga reflection terrace — inviting residents to unwind and connect with the surrounding landscape.