TREK 2015: Japan – Landscapes of Contrast

Contrast is inherent in dynamic design. Some of the most exciting artistic moments are created when contrasting visual elements are juxtaposed with one another and celebrated for their unique qualities. Japanese culture and aesthetics capitalize on the beauty found in contrast. This is particularly evident in the highly diverse spectrum of landscapes that are featured across the nation. The premise of this travel study will be to visit a wide variety of landscapes featuring themes that directly contrast one another: modern vs. traditional landscapes, landscapes that feature visual elements that are micro vs. macro in scale, and minimalist vs. embellished landscapes.

Goals: To cultivate an eye that is sensitive to the aesthetic nuances found in a wide variety of contrasting landscapes all over mainland Japan. To equip EPTDESIGN with a diverse design vernacular that will enable us to envision and create dynamic landscapes for our clients and the communities that feature our projects.