TREK 2011: Paris – Jardins Partagés de Paris

In 19th century Paris, people got around on horses. Horses left waste (and stench) in the city streets. The people put the waste to use as compost to grow crops. This bio-intensive farming method fed Paris … and enriched the soil.

Today the Paris region still produces nearly 1/3 of its crops, Its bountiful harvests go into some of the finest foods in the world. Our clients are asking to grow food closer to home, and at home. What can the city that has grown its own food for century teach us? How can we re-integrate food into our gardens with bounty, beauty and regeneration in mind?

Paris holds over 60 community gardens and kitchen gardens of all sizes, from apartment courtyard to palatial. I propose a TREK to the city known for rich taste and nascent design to study how kitchen gardens are designed and maintained. With sketches, stories and photographs I will bring back instruction and inspiration to share with EPTDESIGN.