TREK 2010: Portland – Koch Landscape Architecture

Dear Firm,
EPTDESIGN is a landscape architecture firm in Southern California. Since 2003 our TREK program has been sending off employees abroad with the goal of growth, renewal, and enrichment of staff.
This year I have researched several urban areas (1) looking for firms that match ours in size and scope. I found your firm to be a good match due to your (2).
I am requesting the opportunity to learn more about your firm in order to share your process with my colleagues. I would like to visit your projects and document your work. I would like to share with you our process, and show you some of the projects we have been working on.
I wish to establish a link between our offices that would benefit us both.
If given the opportunity to experience what you do and how you do it I would be very grateful. We would in turn open our doors if you ever found yourself in our neighborhood.
Can I stop by for a visit?