TREK 2004: Barcelona – Antoni Gaudi

Often revered as a “Genius” but considered by some a “Madman”, he overcame many obstacles to become one of Spain’s most influential architects in history. As an architect he was influenced by many styles and movements. The evolution of these influences is apparent as one studies the history of his work. They vary from Gothic to Moorish to Art Nouveau and were often combined to create a style that could not be solely classified as one. As he matured as a designer he created a style that was truly unique that can only be classified as “Gaudian.”

Travelthe act of going from one place to another
I will travel to Barcelona to study the evolution of the life and work of Antoni Gaudi. Twelve of his most influential works are located in Barcelona. The city is where he trained as an Architect, where he practiced for the majority of his career and is his final resting place.

I will document my explorations in a photo and sketch journal of Gaudi’s work. During my travels I hope to more clearly understand the evolution of his unique style.

Renewalthe act of making new and fresh
This TREK will help me to rejuvenate my interest in the art of architecture and design. All designers need a chance to indulge themselves in the works of others to help them form a strong design sense of their own. This look into Gaudi’s life and work is just one of a series of designers I would like to examine in my journey of developing my unique style.

Exploration to travel for the purpose of discovery
The need for travel to experience the works of a particular designer in person is crucial to understanding the thoughts and feelings that were drawn on paper. Interacting with and watching others interact with designed elements can greatly alter one’s perception of the work. Sometimes these alterations are positive and sometimes they are negative. But until you have these interactions it is hard to truly critique the work as a whole.

Knowledgethe rest of perception, learning and reasoning
At the culmination of my TREK I hope to have a heightened understanding of the style and thoughts of a historical architectural figure. This quest will help me to for a more critical perspective of the life and work of Gaudi, whether good or bad, to share with others. It will also help me to take a more critical look at my own work and style.

“The knowledge of the world is only to be acquired in the world, and not in the closet.”