TREK 2003: Portland – New Urbanism

In celebration of the bi-centennial of Lewis and Clark’s historic expedition from the Missouri river to the Pacific Ocean, it is my desire to set out on an adventure which will take me new territories in my life and career. To live, work and play in Southern California, one can become sheltered form experiences to other places. Exposure to new places will open our eyes and give us new knowledge. New ideas will meld from this experience; new ideas that can be shared and propagated. Lewis and Clark arrived in Oregon in 1806. Since then, the landscape has changed dramatically.

“Being perfectly satisfied of the size and magnitude of its great river which must water that vast tract of Country between the western range of mountains and those on the seacoast and as far as the Waters of California about latd.37 North. I determined to return.” William Clark-April 03, 1086.

It will be my choice to travel north to Portland, Oregon, to discover new sights, places, cultures, communities and spaces. Along the way I will be studying new urbanism. Stops along the journey will include new towns, neighborhoods, urban infill projects and re-development areas.

Travel North form California to Portland, Oregon, visiting cities, new towns, neighborhoods and urban infill projects such as Laguna west, Aggie village, Old Elm Village, Soma, Eugene.

Document the urban fabric of the places: photograph, sketch, and measure, describe the experience.

Study Portland, Oregon: tour the various distinct and neighborhoods, recently re-developed areas and the rivers’ edge.

Compile this experience in an organized fashion, and summarize the findings. Present the experience to peers and colleagues and archive this material for future reference.

Use the knowledge gained for the design of project.

In 1803 Lewis and Clark were given resources to explore the new territory. It is in this spirit that TREK will become the opportunity for me to discover new places. The attention to detail and document will best express the experience. With good fortune I hope this to be the first of a series of journeys which will enlighten and renew the senses.

Given the opportunity to travel to any place in the world, my decision to visit Portland is based on the notion of fulfilling the desire to understand the West Coast. Having lived in California my entire life, it is important to stretch my geographical experiences northward. The knowledge gained on this trip will allow for a more complete understanding of the Pacific edge. Visiting new towns, old towns, cities and new urban projects will also allow for a greater palette of ideas and physical experiences in which to draw from.

I envision this experience as Lewis and Clark may have when they set out to explore the new territories of the United States.