Madison Heights

Pasadena, CA

Some things simply get better with age. That is certainly true of this in-town garden located in an idyllic historic neighborhood. The original garden was completed along with a major addition to this 1930’s era Tudor when our clients’ children were quite young. Though they loved their neighborhood, the family was yearning for more space. When the opportunity arose to purchase the house next door and create a small compound, they jumped at the chance. The resulting garden grafts new onto old and answers the desire to stay rooted.

Tailored to our clients’ histories, love of color and a special penchant for moody tones, the merged gardens unfold providing ample places for outdoor living. Plantings envelope the various rooms, providing layered beauty and a bit of California meets England spirit.

Towering Liquidambars and Chinese Elms provide age and shelter while Cercis ‘Forest Pansy’, Crape Myrtles, Oak Leaf Hydrangea, and Boston Ivy usher in seasonal change. Sprinkled throughout, roses ramble and perfume the garden in warmer months and provide great joy.

So, yes, it’s true that some things get better with age. Sometimes they even thrive!