Old Stockdale

Bakersfield, CA

Disrupting the traditional front yard/back yard layout, this special home and garden break a lot of rules. The house inhabits the wide and shallow lot inventively with many of the rooms pushed to the lot’s edges. The resulting outdoor spaces are completely intertwined with the owners’ lives, often blurring the boundaries between architecture and garden.

At the golf course-facing street edge, the front of the home eschews convention, replacing lawn with ornamental grasses and a gravel-floored space off the entry. Mature Olive trees and fast-growing California Sycamores settle the Belgian inspired architecture into the established neighborhood.

A commissioned table of reclaimed old-growth redwood sits amidst a bosque of olives.

Throughout the gardens, textural materials resonate with our clients’ laid-back sensibilities.

A shaded area for lounging by the fire sits at a crossroads in the garden – between public and private rooms and active and passive portions of the yard.

The pool and spa inhabit a corner of the garden adjacent to the family room and are framed by ironwood decking which is being left untreated for ease of maintenance. It’s the perfect place for a dip on a hot valley day.