Pomona College Athletics, Recreation, and Wellness Center

Claremont, CA

Rains Center sits at the center of the Pomona College campus providing an accessible location for recreation and wellness. The renovated and expanded facility is designed to enhance athletic venues and realize a true wellness facility for students. Associated outdoor spaces support this program and include a northern courtyard tied to the gymnasium, dedicated to supporting athletic events and a southern courtyard designed with clustered outdoor seating. Connectivity to adjacent campus features, including Marston Quad and Stover Walk, are resolved by the use of associated planting and paving materials.

Solomon Cordwell Buenz

Plazas and casual spaces for gathering further link the building envelope firmly to the campus fabric and are arranged to enhance campus circulation and provide clearly defined entry sequences to the auditorium.

While the arrangement of proposed walkways, entries, and gathering areas are informed by building and campus circulation patterns, reference to the campus’s contextual language of exterior building spaces—entries, porches, plazas, enfilades, and promenades—informs the materials and spatial definition of the spaces, ensuring an enlivened yet contextually relevant outdoor fabric.

Solomon Cordwell Buenz