Madison Avenue Park Opens in East Hollywood

Part park, part garden, the newly opened East Hollywood Madison Avenue Park was transformed from an empty half-acre lot into a recreation area featuring play areas, a basketball tree, silo slide, tricycle track and community garden. The park serves as a welcome to the new community garden — a front yard and a front porch. The community garden building is extended into the park space with a wood deck, tying the two portions together. A signature oak tree creates a landmark gathering space for the neighborhood. Aromatic and colorful plants and natural play materials complete the feel of a rural enclave in a dense community. 

Madison Ave Park supports the goals of the Los Angeles Community Garden Council, and builds on those opportunities presented to the community. The park and gardens create a place that celebrates the regional history and plants the seeds from which the community’s next chapters can sprout. The space creates an opportunity for the community to garden, but also for the community to grow.