Villas at Playa Vista

Playa Vista, CA

A city within a city, the Villas are sited on three full blocks within Playa Vista—a vibrant part of the burgeoning Silicon Beach region. The program for each site is focused on providing shared amenities for residents that meet individual needs and complement the amenities provided within the larger Playa Vista community. Quality of space, finishes, and life were the focus throughout the design process.

Internal landscape courtyards—perched atop two levels of garage and elevated above the adjacent street—were crafted to maximize access to sunlight and ocean breezes, with a special focus on the creation of communal spaces to bring residents together.

Landscape and construction materials were carefully selected to establish a distinct identity for each of the three blocks.

The community of Playa Vista, the former site of Hughes Aircraft, is still one of the largest brownfield redevelopment projects in the region. Community-wide and on-site infiltration and bio-filtration systems protect water released into the nearby wetlands. Balancing ecological rigor and the creation of an inspirational landscape permeated our efforts every step of the way.