The Village at Irvine Spectrum

Irvine, CA

How do you create a cozy vibe in a grand apartment complex? Breaking the massive site into four distinct neighborhoods was the beginning. And prioritizing landscape to include a healthy budget to support investment in a variety of courts, communal recreation zones, and smaller patios made it all come alive. Meticulously detailed and layered outdoor experiences that welcome each resident home. The Village perfectly illustrates our desire to tell a story, collaborate, and create a world-class place to call home.

The challenge? To design compelling human-scaled outdoor places to walk, swim, play, and socialize while carefully addressing issues of density, circulation, and parking requirements.

A major portion of the site landscape sits atop below-grade parking, yet provides additional area for passive recreation and gardens.

The Village landscape provides a series of outdoor spaces and rooms that are exquisitely designed, functional, and comfortable. From its dog park to tennis and basketball courts to cozy outdoor living rooms with fireplaces, the landscape extends the boundaries of each apartment home to envelop the entire community.