The Bloc

Los Angeles, CA

The purchase by The Ratkovich Company of this massive 1970’s era mixed-use project foreshadowed the injection of much needed new life to this full-city block in downtown Los Angeles. Re-imagining the famously awful development between 7th and 8th streets and Flower and Hope was no small task! The result is a vibrant new heart to the 7th Street corridor. The big moves included popping the lid off the formerly enclosed retail mall and creating transparency and movement by peeling away solid walls to create portals for circulation and visibility wherever possible. The result? A joyful new space with day and nighttime programming that acts as a living room for the city. A major win for the project included opening up a direct connection to the Seventh Street / Metro Center Station that sat adjacent to the property underneath 7th Street.

A rooftop terrace was created on formerly empty space at the renovated Sheraton Hotel.

Craft and history come together on the street and ground level floors where a map of the historic downtown neighborhoods provided the inspiration and geometry for a new tonal concrete “carpet”. Seeded with local stone and precision ground, the paving provides a beautiful and tactile pedestrian experience.