Rudolph Park

Lawndale, CA

The land under this park was born from both the mountains and the sea. Lawndale sits where ancient sand dunes met the pool-studded prairie. The design takes inspiration from the site’s hidden geomorphology to create a joyful landscape punctuated by natural and sculpted materials. We worked with The Trust for Public Land and From Lot to Spot to realize the community’s wishes. The two-acre park is filled with inspiring places to play, climb, exercise, socialize, and host events. Our goals for the park were to enrich the lives of the surrounding community and inspire its youngest visitors to connect with the great outdoors.

We brought the beach to park to craft a unique active play zone for younger kids.

The site plan shows how the park sits mid-block. Apartments surround the site. A large meadow for unstructured play centers the site with the dune play zone above and Hillside area with subterranean restroom below.

Working with a local artist, art and water play were intermingled to bring wonder and joy to the park experience.