Rose Villa

Pasadena, CA

With a little bit of Spain, a dash of Morrocco, and a heavy dose of California, living is easy and a whole lot of fun within this walled compound in the heart of Pasadena.

Everywhere you look there is a wonderful place to hangout, all seen from the newly opened up and expanded rear of the home. Steel door and windows transformed the former porch into a sun-filled and happy space.

The front yard is laid out as a series of interconnected courts with a play lawn, patterned concrete fountain, and highlights of Bougainvillea and Olive trees.

Multiple areas for lounging take full advantage of the spectacle of the mountains towering above Pasadena.

Cooking and dining outdoors is a major past time of one of the homeowners⁠—and the kitchen is fully outfitted for grilling over wood and gas, smoking meats, and making pizza, too.