Quail Hill Community Center

Irvine, CA

A vital space for gathering, learning, playing, and exploring, the community center includes a 19,000 square-foot community/wellness/arts center sitting on a 3.8 acre site. Outdoor elements include a large events space for larger group gatherings and an intriguing network of pathways that invite users to explore the garden or connect to regional trails. Interpretive gardens, interactive components, and an adventure play area round out the program of the grounds. The site design focused on creating spaces that would hold the interest of a broad, multi-generational user group.

With views of the surrounding natural world, shaded by mature existing trees, the extended events space allows room for larger gatherings. An intriguing system of pathways invites users to explore further. With the Center connecting to a greater trail system, interpretive signage makes the surrounding nature more familiar.

The active zones allow a myriad of opportunities for children to climb, run, jump, hide, dig, and play.

Sustainable design and construction elements contributed to the Center’s LEED Gold designation. Strategies employed include a large bio-filtration swale, a secondary retention basin, permeable paving, recycled materials, salvaged site stone, and locally-sourced materials. All serving to connect the solution to the site in beautiful—and responsible—ways.