Pegasus School Horowitz Family Quad

Huntington Beach, CA

Nestled on a 12.5-acre site in a suburban Huntington Beach neighborhood, the Pegasus School offers an evolving and thriving learning environment for its K-8 students. Constructed alongside the school’s new Science and Technology building, the Horowitz Family Quad provides a welcoming and functional space to extend learning outside.

Central to the quad is the new open shade structure that serves as the focal point. This new sheltered environment has become a favorite spot for outdoor learning, lunchtime gatherings and special events for the older students. The tiered seat wall anchors this space and functions perfectly for teaching and informal discussions.

Adhering to local water quality requirements and the challenges of a high water table, the outdoor rain garden with its narratives of water runoff, collection, and percolation offers passive lessons in biology, ecology, and sustainability.

Drawing from the 1960’s architectural features of the campus, “wickets” were used to extend the entry element of the new building while also serving as support for the shade structure. Two new legacy Oak trees provide additional shade for the multi-functional assembly space.