Modern Ranch

Pasadena, CA

Part laboratory, part sanctuary, the gardens surrounding EPTDESIGN Principal Nord Eriksson’s Pasadena home bring together a lifetime of influences. The 1949 ranch home offered the chance to develop artful garden rooms influenced by Scandinavian, Japanese, and Mediterranean precedents.

In the front yard, ivy has been replaced by a mix of grasses and salvias with accents of agaves and aloes. This garden grows, teaches lessons, and brings deep satisfaction.

The resilient landscape of the Mediterranean influenced the design of the lap pool and plantings of the rear gardens.

The gently sloping land, anchored by a magnificent Englemann Oak, was terraced to create interest, retain rainwater, and create spaces for family life and entertaining.

Walls trace lines in the garden, originally laid out by pioneering landscape architect Edward Hunstman-Trout.

A tapestry of textural paving weaves throughout…concrete, brick, slate, gravel, and pebble are crafted into a soulful mix.