Marina Marketplace

Marina Del Rey, CA

This reinvention of Marina Del Rey’s 28-year-old Marina Marketplace took this faded two-story neighborhood center and turned it into a happy front porch for the marina. Major effort was put into the redesign – realized with a “mid-century meets the beach” aesthetic – to connect and activate both levels into a compelling and comfortable pedestrian environment that opens its arms wide to the community. The renovation was much more than skin deep with a goal of gifting the neighborhood with a great destination and a memorable sense of place. Restaurants, retail, a gym, and a dine-in movie theater assure nearby residents have everything they need close at hand.

Various systems of stormwater treatment allow the center to be a good environmental neighbor within the sensitive marina watershed.

Bands of beautifully textured concrete mimic a boardwalk to lend a pier-like atmosphere within outdoor dining areas.

A major goal was to create a greatly activated street scene focusing on the quality of the pedestrian experience. Living walls add color and texture to the streetscape.