Kaiser Permanente Market & Valentine

Ventura, CA

With a design language that reinforces this region’s agricultural heritage, this 7-acre site centers on a regional Medical Office Building. One of Kaiser Permanente’s primary goals—enhancing the quality of life—led to our organization of a variety of programmed outdoor spaces into a layered landscape. The design of the building and gardens take inspiration from the neighboring strawberry fields. Strong graphic lines, referencing strawberry baskets, run down the buildings, and radiate out into the landscape. The climate of Ventura is quite temperate allowing a variety of opportunities to use the site for moving out beyond the confines of the building.

California native plant species and an abundant use of ornamental grasses are placed in agricultural rows and provide structure to a healing garden, dining court, and children’s play zone.

A Thrive Walk, a part of Kaiser’s initiative to promote wellness, circumnavigates the perimeter of the site and connects to a regional trail network.

An amphitheater and community garden connect the broader Ventura community to the campus and afford opportunities for educational programming.