Kaiser Permanente Antelope Valley

Lancaster, CA

Kaiser Permanente has been leading the way to design hospitals and medical campuses that foster preventative care and wellness for its members as well as the community at large. Lancaster’s new medical office building dedicates a large portion of the generous site to a public fitness garden, natural playground, and community amphitheater available for educational events. Nature—particularly weather—played a distinct role in shaping our response to the site. The high desert environment had a host of challenges including temperature extremes, harsh winds, and some of the lowest annual rainfall in the nation.

Extensive modeling showed the need for tall trees along the southern edge to provide a wind barrier against the Antelope Valley’s fierce summer winds. The tree grove also provided views to nature from upper-level patient rooms, important for aiding well being and reducing recovery times.

Natural materials in the garden and courtyard allow patients, visitors, and healthcare providers to gather, meditate, and offer wonderful immersion in nature.

Designed to be a net-zero energy campus, the complex received LEED Gold certification.