John Elgin Woolf

Pasadena, CA

Built in 1958, this John Elgin Woolf home is a wonderful example of his signature style. And while the structure was in remarkably original condition, the grounds were surprisingly shapeless when new owners asked us to give them a dose of beauty to better address the unique architectural layout.

Largely inwardly focused, the redesigned gardens are laid out as a series of rooms and passages that unfold in a carefully choreographed sequence of discovery.

Layered plantings with a backbone of clipped hedges create an enveloping sense of refuge while adding punctuation to the formal plan.

The oval pool courtyard paving was replaced with limestone laid in a diamond pattern matching the Ivy detail added to the pool house walls.

A small formal lawn, crowned by an exuberant bench, was created to enhance entertaining.

A mixture of exuberant color contrasted with subtle textures balance the beautiful interiors within.