EF Education First Pasadena Campus

Pasadena, CA

Neatly tucked away in a neighborhood in northern Pasadena, EF Education First is a new international boarding and language school that occupies the former site of William Carey International University. Anchored by the historic McGavran Hall, the campus saw the addition of several new dormitory buildings, courtyard/lounge spaces, student amenities, and expanded circulation. The landscape design respects the resources of the campus while thoughtfully preserving the mature tree canopy and enhancing the sense of place.

The plantings leading up to McGavran were refreshed to paint a more sustainable California picture. Thirsty turf grass was replaced with a low-water, California-friendly plant palette, including punctuating succulents, swathes of ornamental grasses, and low-growing, shrubby groundcovers.

The three dormitory courtyards—each with its distinct planting palette of yellow, orange, and purple—invite students to relax and gather between classes.

Every detail, from campus-wide lighting to signage and pathways, was thoughtfully considered to seamlessly integrate the existing and new components of the campus. The result is a cohesive and inviting environment.