Eastwood Village

Irvine, CA

We like to believe that the places where we are privileged to work have stories to tell. We certainly found that to be true at Eastwood Village, one of the last new master-planned neighborhoods to be built in the city of Irvine. For sixty years the land had been home to the Hines Nursery with headquarters designed by EPTDESIGN founder Bob Eriksson in the 1960s. To honor that history, we worked large heritage trees from the site—as well as established Eucalyptus windrows—into the fabric of the community. The legacy of the nursery lives on even further in the planting of 10,500 new trees that fan out across the village’s 300 acres, now home to 1,800 new residences.

The Village serves as a vital pedestrian and bicycle linkage within the context of a much larger community network.

Designed with the goal of walkability, the internal pathways and trails connect to the central school and park systems that lie at the heart of the community.

Pool parks, linear paseos, a network of off-street trails, and tree-lined street scenes thread throughout.