Bridge House

Pasadena, CA

With children grown and out on their own, our clients were ready to undertake a radical transformation of their longtime home. Tucked away on a private lane, this contemporary landscape slowly unfolds to reveal a new-found drama.

The front garden takes cues from the new sculptural garage and gutsy entry structure. Tall hedges and towering bamboo frame the setting and lend a sense of refuge in this city garden.

Anchored by a magnificent silk floss tree, the glass-lined courtyard is highlighted by a custom fountain and bold plantings.

Live oaks frame the linear pool built over the slope to maximize useable space.

Taking cues from the steel entry structure, a bridge extends into the oak canopy providing a dramatic perspective of the home and garden.

The rear garden embraces the hillside and views to the valley below while providing perches for dining and lounging.