Alexan Monrovia

Monrovia, CA

As a cornerstone to Monrovia’s growing Station Square Transit Village, Alexan Monrovia celebrates the city’s history as a Red Car destination at the foot of the mountains. Through the use of timeless materials: wood, steel, and stone, outdoor spaces are designed to tell that story, while also engaging the views of Gold Line riders with public art. Alexan Monrovia creates an urban edge for the Village while grounding the experience of residents and community members with natural materials in the public and private realms.


The site is conceptually arranged to highlight the landscape design’s storyline. Three courtyards along the north edge of the project are themed by materials: the stone courtyard, the wood courtyard, and the steel courtyard. These key materials are woven together in the two large pool courts, creating spaces for active and passive recreation. The west side of the project faces the Transit Village, bringing activity to the public realm with Live/Work patios, public seating, and outdoor gym space.

The Metro Gold Line train forms the south boundary of the site, bringing thousands of riders by the development daily. To soften the large south facade, a public art “zoetrope” is planned to engage riders by creating the illusion of an animated image as the train moves by.

Three roof decks provide views to the nearby San Gabriel Mountains, putting the landscape concept into context.