Alexan Bahay

Los Angeles, CA

Located south of Downtown Los Angeles in the historic neighborhood of Echo Park, Alexan Bahay provides city living, with resort-like amenities. The luxury units are organized around a split level podium deck, providing a variety of uses set within a lush and natural environment. The thoughtful combination of space, material, and planting enhance communal activities while offering respite from the surrounding urban environment.

The contemporary pool deck includes fire pits and private lounges, a cooking & dining terrace, and an elevated spa situated above a tiered entertainment area.

Rows of palms and olive trees pay homage to the historic gardens of Echo Park and its network of “Palm Walks.”

Material selection and furnishings take inspiration from the luxury interiors, creating opportunities for socializing and lounging. Pattern, color, and texture are harmonious, creating a relaxing retreat for residents and their guests.

A separate, more natural inspired garden provides balance to the lush, contemporary pool deck above. Under the canopies of mature Olive trees, quiet moments of reflection alongside a stone fountain give way to resident community gardens and views of the downtown skyline.