We’d like to tell you who we are in person.
Please visit one of our studios. We’ll sit on the couch and share our story.
Until then, we’ll do our best in writing.

We opened our doors when space was the new frontier.
The Beatles had just cut their first album.
They had John, Paul, George and Ringo;
We had Bob, Owen and Dave.
(Eriksson, Peters and Thoms)
It was 1962.

Family came first … and still does.
One of our first clients is still our client … almost 50 years later,
Evidence that we believe great service is as important as great design.
Our process is driven by each site and its people, making each project unique.
Yet within this contextual framework, several things hold constant:
We research the site’s ecological, cultural and built histories.
We listen to our clients, consultants and stakeholders.
Then, we craft a story.
That narrative weaves its way from concept through construction.
We believe the best design is seamless with its surroundings.
Craftsmanship is as important as design.
Form follows function.
Details matter.

We are in our second generation of leadership, planning for our third.
We thrive on change as we build on our strong foundation.
We look to the past to learn and the future to imagine.
Our children inspire us ... we design to inspire them.

We work with people we like.
Our best meetings happen in the kitchen.
We work hard to make our studios feel like home.
We believe in the 40 hour work week. Always have, always will.

We love to travel. We send people out to see the world.
We work to better our communities.
We love what we do.