Our Ethos

EPTDESIGN is a group of diverse personalities working together to make places that enrich communities and lives. We thrive when collaborating with forward-thinking people and organizations. Building on each other’s strengths and differences, we believe our eclectic perspectives give heart and soul to the places we make.

We aim to balance art, ecological integrity and technical expertise to make environments that are meaningful, well-crafted and enduring. Our design teams seek solutions that resonate with the cultural, natural and historic contexts of the places we work … solutions that are so right they feel meant to be.

Our Story

Our roots are in Southern California, where an explosion of growth in the second half of the 20th century began our fifty years of place-making. This dynamic and phenomenal environment is fertile soil for design inspiration and innovation.

Since 1962 we have provided a high level of design and service for campuses, municipalities, homeowners, organizations and developers. Curiosity drives us forward as time shapes our experiences and understanding. As our practice evolves from an era of “better living through engineering” to one of holistic design we maintain the core beliefs of our founding partners: to foster a familial studio culture and to engage the world outside.