Situated just south of the Huntington Beach Pier, the Residences at Pacific City is a high-density community of 517 dwellings on a 17-acre site. The project’s focal point is the central park - an abstraction of an ocean wave with swell, crest, and subsequent crash on the sand. Swell – present in the 2-acre public park – is embodied by rolling waves of grasses, thematic tile installations, and sweeping walkways. Wave – is abstractly created in the forms, shape, and furnishings of the iconic structure. Crash – represented in the complex curves of the pool area – emulates how a wave crashes on the beach. Six courtyards within the building confines take their concept of the sequence of the passing day. The initial court invokes a peaceful morning, and each court progresses through the day before culminating at a vibrant evening courtyard. All courtyards are linked by a natural-wood boardwalk promenade. The planting design pays respect to the coastal setting, while also recognizing the impact in scale on the existing city context.