The City of Irvine brought us on board to lead an intensive participatory design process guiding the community tore-imagine a revitalized and ADA accessible Adventure. The community wanted its beloved playground to maintain its free spirit, while the City needed to meet stricter new environmental, health and accessibility codes. The new plan features tree houses, boulders and plenty of trees and large shrubs to give kids new places to explore. Willows, grasses and reeds will provide natural building materials for kids to experiment with making crafts and building huts like those that sheltered the region’s native people. Medicinal, edible and native plants will educate visitors on the region’s bountiful natural and cultural resources while providing habitat for wildlife. A living pond will manage rainwater and keep any sediment onsite to help reduce the sediment loads impacting into the Newport Bay. We worked with Urban Resources, True Nature Landscape Architecture and PACE Water Engineering to design the next iteration of adventure play.