X Cedars-Sinai Medical Campus

We worked on several projects to soften the edges of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center’s urban campus. The Advanced Health Services Pavilion is a nine-story structure with subterranean parking and a second story plaza level that bridges to the existing campus to become the main pedestrian corridor. At the plaza level, small trees and planters define view corridors and give a healthy green respite for patients, staff, doctors and visitors. Cafe tables and chairs give flexible seating for cafeteria patrons who wish to sit outside, or anyone wanting a rest. Along several street frontages, street trees and planting provide shade and a pedestrian scale at the street level to humanize the urban campus. At the busy San Vicente and Beverly Boulevard intersection, a new park adds a vital green space for medical center patients, staff and visitors, and also by bus commuters, shoppers and the community at large. Levine Park is one part of Cedars-Sinai‚Äôs recent efforts to integrate wayfinding and increase human comfort onto its urban campus.