If you look up the word “curious” in the dictionary we wouldn’t be surprised if you found a picture of Bradley. He has an insatiable thirst for knowledge and that translates beautifully into his design leadership and project management for high-density residential, mixed use, public park, and estate residential projects. With diverse industry experience in the areas of landscape construction, architecture, and landscape architecture, Bradley’s goal for each project is to bring beauty and value supported by rigorous research, design exploration, and documentation. His passion for design, art, and fine craftsmanship inspires his detail-oriented work on residential estate properties where the challenges of creating lifestyle-driven spaces on steep hillsides has become an area of special focus. He also enjoys teaming on high density urban and suburban housing environments where his efforts result in bringing beautiful gardens to larger groups of users. A recent favorite of Bradley’s is his design and management of Watts Serenity Park in South Los Angeles where he worked with The Trust For Public Land to create a vibrant and welcoming space for families to gather, recreate, and play. An avid container gardener and plant collector, Brad likes to spend free time tending to an ever-expanding collection of rescued specimens while convincing his wife that there’s still plenty of room in the yard to have friends over.