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Continuous staff development is foundational to our way of working. Being leaders requires constant learning and growth. Encouraging initiative and creativity as well as solid technical and interpersonal skills helps us achieve a high level of professional satisfaction for each of our staff while elevating our performance as a firm.

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EPTDESIGN is built around the ideal that we’re a fun place to work hard. A big part of the fun is taking time away from our studios together: time to explore and enjoy. Time to grow together and to play.


Travel. Renewal. Exploration. Knowledge. We developed TREK on the belief that travel opens our eyes to new possibilities. Two employees each year are awarded an extra week and a stipend for travel… to be inspired and inspire our studios. Proposals are reviewed by a jury comprised of our clients, consultants, and peers. The program has exceeded our wildest imaginations and has fostered a culture of adventure amongst our staff that we find pretty darn thrilling.